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Must Have Pages For Your Blog or Website

After Creating a blog, or before applying for AdSense a common question arises in everyone’s mind “which pages must have for my Blog”?

And, Today I will provide you with the answer and share the complete list of required pages for your blog or website.


First You need to know that every website doesn’t have the same niche, it can be a blog, online store, business, etc. So, The list of must-have pages will also be different according to the website category.

In this particular post, we will only share the must-have pages list for a blog website. It can be an affiliate blog, tutorial blog, review blog, etc.

Must-Have Website Pages

These are the required pages for your blog:-

  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Terms of use / Terms and conditions Page
  • Cookie Policy Page
  • Disclaimer Page
    • DMCA Disclaimer Page (*)
    • FTC Disclosure / Affiliate Disclosure Page (*)

I am not mentioning here the Home page and Blog Page because without those pages a website can’t be created.

Here * Represent Conditional Pages in this list, that are required on special conditions.

About page

This is the first page you need to add to your website. It provides information to the visitor about you or your website, your motive for starting your blog or website, what your website provides to them, and also the stats of your website.

In Short, the about page introduces your website.

How do I write an about us Page?

On this page, you can write about yourself and your website, describe what you provide on your website, and also you can how you are different from others.

In general;

About us page contains-

  • When Website Started
  • What it provides to visitors
  • Person Behind it and how it started
  • Stats of Website or Social Media
  • Call to Action Button (Follow, Newsletter subscription, etc.)
  • What People Say about your Blog

We Already Published a Complete guide and source code to create a creative about us page for the blogger website.

And, also you can use our about us page generator tool to create an about us page in a few seconds.

Contact Page

I don’t need to explain much about the uses of this page and why it’s important because everyone knows about it. It simply connects visitors and website owner.

You can simply add a contact form or email to your contact page.

To add a contact form on the WordPress website, you can use plugins like WPFormsHubSpot Forms, etc. And for Blogger You can use the blogger’s own API to receive form submissions, Telegram API Form, etc.

Privacy Policy Page

A Privacy Policy is must have and crucial page for every website. It Provides information regarding the processing of their data and personal information to the visitors, which is collected during their visit and form submission.

What to include on the Privacy policy Page?

First of all, you need to mention that the privacy of the visitors is your main priority and when the policy is updated or where it can be applied.

After then, you need to provide the information that which data you are collecting from visitors while visiting, contacting, or registering an account on your website and how will you use the collected data.

You also need to include third-party vendor details on your website.

You must include CCPA if your visitors are from California, and GDPR if your visitors are from the EU.

I know, it is not easy to write a privacy policy for everyone, but you don’t need to panic. You Can use privacy policy generators to generate the policy.

Tip! You can also use our HOB Privacy Policy generator, which offers you to generate a privacy policy for FREE and it also has features to customize the policy according to your choice.

Terms of use / Terms and conditions Page

This is quite similar to the privacy policy page, and it is also important like all the above pages. This page outline the rules and regulations for the use of your website.

What to include on the Terms of the condition?

  • The effective date
  • Rules and Guidelines 
  • User Restrictions
  • Trademark and copyright notice
  • Link to Privacy Policy
  • Jurisdiction/governing law

If You (It may be third-party services) are using Cookies on your website to collect information and report site usage statistics, to provide ads to visitors based on their searches and personal interests, then you need to include a cookie policy page on your website.

In Short, Almost All Website uses Cookies because everyone uses analytics services, monetization, etc.

For Whom, Who don’t Know about cookies-

Cookies are small pieces of data or text sent and saved to a visitor’s browser by a website they visit. They help that website remember information about their visit, which can both make it easier to visit the site again and make the site more useful to them. For More detailed information about what is cookies and how it works, you can check out the Cloudflare blog post on What are cookies? | Cookies definition.

You need to mention which cookies are used by your website and how they are used. also, how the cookie preferences can be set by visitors.

Creating a Perfect Cookie Policy page is not so easy, that’s why I am recommending the site “Termly” which will scan your website and which cookies are used by your website and prepare a detailed cookie policy page for free.

You can check our cookie policy to understand how it looks.

Disclaimer Page

Disclaimer is a very important page of your website and it helps you to prevent any future legal disputes or prosecution you might encounter.

If You are writing on How-To, Medical, Financial, or Review Niche then You must have this Page, because it proves that you are not responsible for the user’s action or it’s written based on your personal experience.

Also, if you are featuring an affiliate or your own product in a blog post then you must need to have an affiliate or FTC disclosure.


I Hope now you don’t have any confusion related to the pages that you need.

if you still have any doubts you can comments below, I will try my best to assist you.

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